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Cast Hand Rolls

cast hand rolls

Excellent tear and puncture resistance, ideal for wrapping irregular shaped loads. Tacky on one side and recommended for wrapping products destined for deep freeze storage.

We stock a large range from standard to high performance made with Ocetene based polymers that increase strength and stretch. We also stock metallocene and Lexene based products.

We can offer you micron values from 12mu – 34mu in both 400 and 500mm widths with either standard or extended cores.






11 - 23mu

Std or Ext


11 - 23mu


Pre-Stretched - Co-Extruded Film

Pre stretch pallet wrap offer many advantages over traditional stretch film.

  • Increased load stability
  • Less film required to wrap pallet, equalling lower packaging costs and less waste.
  • Lighter Rolls
  • Consistent tension when wrapping


Coreless Cast Hand Rolls

Bulk Packed Coreless Hand Roll

  • 400mm x 300m x 15mu
  • Clear and White Opaque
  • White Opaque has UV additive qualities offering sun protection
  • Available in range 7mu – 20mu

Also known as flexible film, palletwrap, stretchwrap, Stretchfilm, shrinkwrap, surroundwrap. Shrink film, product protection, Handfilm, Polythene Packaging, Machine Film, Machine Roll, LLDPE, LDPE