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Machine Rolls

machine rolls

 We can supply spiral and orbital machine film from stock. Our extensive choice of cast and blown film offers practical solutions for your packing line machine.


Stretch %



Roll Weight

For Use With

Standard 500m 150% AVG


17mu – 34mu

Std, Core break, Semi Auto machines

Power 500m

190% - 250%


17mu – 34mu

16.5kg PPS turntable, Semi-Automatic machines
Super Power 500m

250% - 300%
46 12mu – 23mu 16.5kg PPS turntable
ETEX 300% AVG 30 15mu – 23mu 17.5kg Semi and Automatic machines

Pre-Stretch Rolls

MR459TPRE – Pre-Stretched Blown Machine Rolls – Clear

450mm x 4000m x 9mu

Available in:

  • Clear, Blue Tint and Black Opaque
  • 7mu, 8mu, 9mu & 10mu


MR457PPE – Cast Machine Rolls - Clear

450mm x 280m x 7mu

  • Clear, Blue Tint and Black Opaque
  • 7mu, 8mu & 9mu

Also known as flexible film, palletwrap, stretchwrap, Stretchfilm, shrinkwrap, surroundwrap. Shrink film, product protection, Handfilm, Polythene Packaging, Machine Film, Machine Roll, LLDPE, LDPE


Spiral Film – orbital wrapper/spiral

Filament Film

  • MR48515RIB – Power Machine Roll Clear
  • 485mm x 15mu
  • 11.5kg approx. roll weight
  • 220% Stretch capacity
  • Extra strength achieved from reinforced strands running along the also available 12mu - with stretch capability 150%
  • Can be used in place of a thicker PPS film thereby saving ££££’s

Printed Stretch Film

We offer Printed Hand and Machine stretch film incorporating up to three colours printed onto clear or white film.

Minimum order 3 Tonnes.