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Macro-Perforated Stretch Film

macro perforated stretch film

Macro-perforated film can be used for palletising products that would benefit from breathing. The large holes increase the air circulation thereby improving shelf life. For products that are wrapped whilst warm, the holes allow unrestricted cooling and reduce condensation.

SP2LSDH & SP2LSDHBL - Macro-Perforated Hand Roll - Large Hole

470mm x 300m

Available in:

  • Extended and Standard cores
  • 450m rolls also available

SPW424H - Macro-Perforated Machine Hand Roll - Large Hole

  • 430mm x 4000m x HD Large Hole
  • For use with Standard Machine with 90% stretch

SP2FLSM - Macro-Perforated Hand Roll - Small Hole

420mm x 300m

  • Ideal for wrapping plants and flowers that are in bud
  • 420m rolls also available

Also known as flexible film, palletwrap, stretchwrap, Stretchfilm, shrinkwrap, surroundwrap. Shrink film, product protection, Handfilm, Polythene Packaging, Machine Film, Machine Roll, LLDPE, LDPE

FNT1 - White Pallet Netting Hand Roll

Offers a larger amount of holes than the Macro-perforated film – more difficult to apply and keep fastened.

500mm x 500m

Available in:

  • Hand and Machine Roll
  • 450m rolls also available